Looking for a unique way to enhance the experience of the ballplayers of the 2023 Diamond Dawgs? How about sponsoring one of the post-game player meals?

The Mohawk Valley Diamond Dawgs are in need of 25 post-game meals for the upcoming 2023 season.

The post-game meals, whether homemade, purchased, or donated by one of the local eating establishments, are a hit with our players after each Diamond Dawg home game at Veterans Memorial Park.

There are three ways to sponsor a meal.

First, a local family can either purchase or prepare a home-cooked meal and deliver it to the ballpark sometime around the 8th inning.

The second method is for a family or business to sponsor a meal for the team. The Diamond Dawgs game day staff will then make or confirm arrangements with a local dining establishment, pick up the meal that evening, and bring it to the ballpark.

Finally, a local dining establishment can donate a meal. The Dawgs staff will gladly pick up the meal and bring it to Veterans Memorial Park.

For planning purposes, figure on feeding approximately 45 individuals.

If interested in learning more, please email Travis@MVDiamondDawgs.com

Thank you in advance for your support of our DiamondDawgs players !